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On august 18th Haag and Husalia presented a dynamic approach to Shibari focusing on tying while you are on your feet. They explained how movement and exchange are essential in the creative process, how to overcome static ties and focus on the movement created by the dance between the partners. This led to a different approach to the physical dialogue revolving around the desire and ability to move and respond to one’s partners energy. Husalia shared some thoughts from her model perspective on this style, which heavyly focused on the „active bottoming“ of the so called „passiv partner“ and how choosing when to follow and when to resist makes it more interesting.
Haag showed us some different exercises for body manipulation and rope handling skills, in a way that was accessible and fun without deep knowledge of complex patterns.
Even though the style allows a lot of creativity Haag also mentioned safety rules to guide the creative process without harming someone.
Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with us, we really appreciated your unorthodox approach on how to create an amazing interaction utilizing nothing more than a single rope and a lot of hip twisting 😉